The following is a complete list of the clays, slips, underglazes and glazes I use in my studio. As with everything else in ceramics, you have to test things in your own studio to see if they work with your materials. These are a mixture of things I have created, borrowed, or learned from previous experience with peers and educators. 

Clay ready to be thrown.

Clay ready to be thrown.


The clay body I created in graduate school fires beautifully to Cone 6 and is a deep, dark brownie color. I currently use Highwater's Earthen red clay, and it is very close in color to what I mix on my own. At this time boxed clay is the best option for me. I fire the clay to a hot Cone 5 in my kiln, if you get this clay too hot it will bloat in the kiln. 

Sara's Cone 6 Clay Body

OM4        10%

RedArt     40%

Fireclay    40%

Bentonite   2%

Grog to taste (I usually only add a scoop or two to the first batch then not at all.)

Slipped teabowls waiting to be decorated.

Slipped teabowls waiting to be decorated.


I've been using this all-purpose slip recipe for years. It's stable and fits any clay body I have ever put it on. It looks beautiful low fired and midrange on my pots, and it is also what I used on a high-fire clay body to woodfire in graduate school. It accepts colorants beautifully, and, when thinned-out, pours lovely as a liner or for exterior coverage. I use a little epsom salt if I get it too thin.  

I use Amaco Underglazes like watercolors for all my surface decoration on top of my slip in the greenware stage. 

All Purpose White Slip  Cone 04-10

OM4             25%

Frit 3124        18%

EPK               25%

Silica             20%

Zircopax          5%

Pots waiting to have the exterior dipped in glaze.

Pots waiting to have the exterior dipped in glaze.


I use the same two glazes every firing and add a thinned out lithium wash in certain areas to add movement to the glaze. These glaze surfaces each change dramatically with a slow cooling cycle programmed into the kiln's firing schedule. I don't slow cool now, but have in the past and they both get a much more matte surface. 

EM Satin Glaze (from Eric Mirabito via Chandra      DeBuse)- Cone 6

Silica        21%

Neph Sy    20%

Whiting     20%

EPK          20%

Frit 3124   20%

Bentonite    2%

Add:  4-6% Mason Stain for color

lithium wash

(lithium carbonate 9.5g + Bentonite 0.5 g + 2TBSP water) to select areas to encourage running. Use sparingly on upper 1/3 of pot.  Not the insides!