What is Intersections?

Intersections is a coalition of makers and educators working in the K-12 system who have an MFA and maintain a studio practice. Each artist in the coalition upholds professional practice and contributes to the greater ceramics field at large through making, exhibiting, writing, publishing and teaching beyond their day-to-day. This level of professionalism, often only associated with professors at the university level, is often overlooked within K-12 educators. We must think creatively about job availability after post-secondary education. With the growing need for post-graduate experience on the professorial track, we are faced with costly residencies, underpaid adjunct positions, and shrinking art departments. We present the valuable option to serve your community and work within the K-12 population either in the school system or in after school/community programs. These viable alternative options will break down the stigma of working with compulsory education and reshape the future of our career development in the field of ceramics.